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Soul Garden

This song is by Arthur Brown and appears on the album Dance (1975).

It's always all around you
Were ever you may look
Your always in the garden
Of your soul

So let your light shine brightly
On all that you may meet
You'll have found a way to make
Your garden grow

All the people you will find
Living for each others care
In a time that knows no barriers is fazed

Just release it if you can

And all creation
All man kind
Are living together
They are not right
A holy time
Please let go

See the world start to glow

This world floats in an ocean
Much smaller than a tear
Slow dripping in a current
Of life's flow

So let you mind sail open
To the bird song in your heart
Welcoming wild winds that guide you
To your goal

All the animals draw near
Glad to feel such harmony
Walking blant mirrors
That picture you un clothed

Just remember there's a plan

And all creation
All man kind
Are live together
It's your mind
A holy time
Please let go

See the world start to glow

Oh bringing people together
With your joy Oh yeaa
Come on in the morning sun
It shines my light across the world with you together
Oh we can build a good vibration
From the bottom of our heart
Whoa there build the blood
Down in your bones
Quivering your body
Making you feel together
Oh God Lord
And you can feel it begin to sing yeaa

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