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Helen With The Sun

This song is by Arthur Brown and appears on the album Dance (1975).

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If I could draw your face in whispers
Soft chords bending in a sigh
If I could touch you in the future
Misty dreams that echo round the sky

Then I would come to you with mirrors
Fasten close onto my face
And you would see many wonders
Bitter and sweet in taste

You would see past spaces
All hung in gold
Opening up inside you
You would see bright chases
The glories of old
Shining from your soul

If I could love you in this moment
Soft strong hearts standing bright
If I could help to ease the torment
Of you love knowing why

You would see pain and the reason
Dreaming in your womb
Giving you birth and full will

You would see every season
In it's highest glory
Forcing back the gloom

Rise up
When a fear come fourth
Time knows that's alot waits on
Take her telling
Come be caught
And life will come
Again with the show

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