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Impeccable B1 Freestyle

This song is by Artful Dodger and appears on the album Off The Credenza (2007).

Oh my God~!
Don't you know that my styles stay odd?
I roll deep and see what I keep
Therefore, there'll be no more
If I was you I'd stop, I'm pure like a shore
Havin' T, FT said it'd be lean
Like a flower, do you say that every date
Damn, MC harder to skate
Be the lake of no flow that relates to my fate
Ain't no debate then bust the unit
So you're zoomin, then I ain't losin
Around the corner, to plumb up your plumin
And leave you boomin (N.W.U. baby~!)
Yo, yo... B1's got to go!
Yo, yo... I forgot to plug the show

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