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​Wind of Revenge

This song is by Artaius and appears on the album The Fifth Season (2014).

We grasp our axes
Get ready for the battle
Victory will be ours

Finally our revenge
Will be attained and
Our thirst of blood satiated
In this butchery dance
We will stain our hands
With the venom of your dirty hearts

Cowards that destroyed
The village now are here
In front of us and they will die

The slaughter is beginning
Torn bodies fall to the ground
In lakes of blood
Victory is ours and
The wind of revenge
Blows for us
Victory is ours

We're laughing and dancing
On your dead bodies
Oh, there will be no more redemption
Taint air with your souls
Now we overtake the sky
Now we are rising lights

Finally our revenge
Is finished and
Our thirst of blood satiated