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The Hidden Path

This song is by Artaius and appears on the album Torn Banners (2015).

Groping in reality,
Oppressed by twisted spaces,
Sinking into flows of memories.

Without places to come from,
Without places to go,
Without fields to wonder.

Days of morbid brightness,
Painful to my eyes,
I wish I could close them.

Lost in dazing silence,
Seeking to escape,
I'm about to give up.

No, I'm here, you'll find this way out,
These doors will open when you'll close your eyes,
Step through them with your inner self,
I'll be your sail hoisted to wander the infinity.

I see my destination,
The road that I must travel,
It doesn't seem so far away.

When I'll reach the tricky veil,
I will cross the boundaries,
Of life, time and space.

And when I'll greet the day,
I'll be my own master,
I'll be my own king.

Now that I've melted my chains,
I will go beyond the doors,
And walk the hidden path.

Yes, I'm here, you've found your way out,
You've broken the illusion, now walk on this path,
You're getting the codes of all times and lives,
Now every dimension will knee at your feet.

Emerald heart, find you truth,
And look at what is written inside you.

Emerald heart, face your fears,
The ancient universe behind me blessed you.

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