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Pearls of Suffering

This song is by Artaius and appears on the album Torn Banners (2015).

Seasons are a fancy of Gods.
Those who were unfaithful to them,
Met the fearsome enemy. The storm,
No book could ever tell the anger
Of the wild waters thundering in the skies
Or the blaze of thousand waves,
Separating from the sea.

White curls of clouds, the anger was calmed down.
Now rain sounds like babies' breath.

Thunderbolts, eyeless ghosts pierce the bones.
Here comes the hailstorm, pearls of suffering
Destroying all the flowers, denting the bells,
The temples are trembling, the good preachers inside
Are setting their teeth.

Drops make the trees harmonize a tender melody.
Sunlight give back to this land the appearance of a kingdom.

Then the rain comes up like a fever,
Holy duel between earth and seas,
Waters release everything.
Hell is empty, the devils are here.
Warm rains are tears of mild spirits,
Kisses of escaping love,
Sun and water are blending
To heal the evil lords.

Fathers lost their sons, friendships are undermined.
Weird shadows appear from the sea, looking for their
Victims, sailors' crying leads to insanity.
Heaven's falling down, the Moon will sink in this surge.

Light is stronger after the storm,
Sweetest flight up to the rainbow.
We are such stuff as rain is made of.

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