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Weconic Jam Session

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Primary School Disco (2007).

All right, so with this song, um, I originally set out to do a song about guys who put their girlfriends in their MSN name and how lame that is, and my original title was uh "Don't Put Your Girlfriend in Your MSN Name (Nobody Cares)". But, um, I kinda decided against that. This is how it went originally:

Don't put your girlfriend in your MSN name
Nobody cares

But that overdub there, I decided it wasn't a good idea anymore. I decided to do a song about an Asian guy learning DDR to impress a chick. Which I might do later on in another song actually, but um, and then here it sorta sounded, it sounded too good, I thought, I can't waste this. It feels too, it feels too good, like, part of me is going into this, what am I going to do with it now? I started overdubbing, I'm thinking okay, it's going to be an emotional song, probably an instrumental. Let's put in some strings. See that click, how cool was that? Wait for the strings, the strings.

Harmonies. Watch out. See the strings here, I quite liked that. I'm thinking put in a bit of harmonies, make it sensitive, it could be a sequel to "Lisa's House", y'know.

Now it was about now I was actuall playing as far as the song up to now to Dad, and I was uh, I was talking to him over the top of the track and going hey, this bit, this bit, and he goes "Hey, you should make that the track" and I'm like "Yeah that's a pretty good idea actually". And then I thought like, should I do it like deadpan or should I just put in all these layers and make it so like it's this chaotic jumble of voices telling you what's happening in the song. Then I played to him what I'd done so far up till now, with the overdub of the vocals and I go "how's this sound? is it too chaotic?" and he goes "No it's pretty good actually" and I'm like "all right" and now I've just come back to the... yep.

So anyway, this is the album! Primary School Disco. I record all this stuff myself in my bedroom with this keyboard, it's a Weconic CK-60. It's a piece of crap I got off eBay for eighty bucks or something. Um, it sounds pretty good, I just keep layering stuff, I get away with it, so yeah this is gonna be the sound.

Time for an old school Weconic jam session I think. I'm gonna take you on a tour of some of the sounds this baby can provide. Tubular Bells style, y'know?

Bells! A personal favourite. Love the bells. Organ! My best friend on this thing. I love the organ setting, I don't know why. It seems very useful, very universal. What else is coming in? Ah yes, my good friend Mr. SynBass. Love this dude, it's all fat and like 80s yknow, you get this mad, you kinda expect it to go... Charge!

All right, what else we got here... Clarinet. Remember this thing? Ah yes, the always underrated, always beautiful Miss Clarinet, who I suspect was actually born a man. Punch on, it's the Harpsichord! Bit of a tough bitch but it's worth using, y'know? Lot of punch.

Ladies and gentlemen, the strings, the piano, and the electric piano, none of which sound like what they say but they're all cool, y'know?

Okay, about to wrap this mother up. Let's get on with the album, Primary School Disco. ASL.

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