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Upskirt Teacher

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Warringah Mall (2008).

Boy likes to hide his cameras
Stash them in a bag at her feet
Boy's feeling lonely
As he hits his mid 40's
Boy isn't hurting anyone

Baby's in Year 8
She's wearing white sunnies
Queuing at Priceline with her mom
Boy's right behind her
And he thinks he's being sneaky
Girl looks him right in the eye
And freeze

He says,
I lost my way

I feel these itches
That must be acted upon
I save most of the shame
Until after I cum
And then it's back
To that black pit
Cyclical, cyclical
The sin is in the sticky skin
You know I know the mess I'm in
Understand that I act
With reluctance every time
The brush of your gaze
It injects me with fear
And it fills me with shame
And I want to disappear
It's an itch in my back
That I have trouble with
It's a dirty little habit
In the pits of my skin
And I hope you never wake up
In a place like this

She says,
I don't know how to handle this
I'm scared of you
I'm scared of this body that
I am constantly growing into
I don't know what you're gonna do
With pictures that you take of me
I don't know if you understand
How much your little habit
Eats away at my skin
I'm clawing at my mom's arm
Trying to get out of here
While trying not to
Give you a reaction

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