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Through The Wife

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Honeycomb (2009).

Car wash invasion, dollface compact drive
Shining pink guitars, boxed-in flame beehives
Through the wife

Reputation dogs him, he's not of this earth
He's got melting cherry eyes and bustling belt marks
Through the wife

Sanctified disorder, the indigo parade
Punk rock blondes in shadows travelling to crack
Through the wife

She can't control his avalanche, she can't control the glass
He can't control his steering wheel, he can't control his walls
Through the wife

She's got a best friend that she calls her wife
They say it's a pet name but I know better
'Cause I've seen how they pass the time when the sun comes up and the pool gets deeper
I've seen what they get up to from the top of this saccharine lamp post
I've seen her face get all flushed up for a ten dollar pair of shoes

What did we have? We sure had something, wish I didn't fuck it all up
I'll be honest, I often miss you when I really think about it
All I ever wanted was to see you fight back
To witness your generals plan an attack
Which was stupid and shortsighted now I think about it

Don't worry baby
Everything will be all right

I guess I gotta live and learn

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