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This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Honeycomb (2009).

I am showered and shaved, I am naked and dry
It would take a fresh man to be fresher than I
Washed my hair twice, I rinsed and repeated
I gotta leave the house by a quarter to ten if I wanna be on time for work
I load up my backpack and start to walk


It's a beautiful day, I fantasise about the beach
and all day behind this counter I hear voices from the street
And I wonder where they're going and I keep the door open
Keep the fresh air flowing to my brain
And it's OK cause I won't be in this job much longer
If disco record sales follow projected trends
So how are you today cause I'm 400% better than I was a week ago
And if these trends continue-- eyy!


Met this girl last week who I'm rather taken by
She was the first thing I noticed the second I arrived at the gazebo
I'm changing into black today at 4 o'clock
I haven't got a funeral I think I've got a new job
And I am showered and shaved I am naked and dry
It would take a fresh man to be fresher than I
I read as much as I can, I fantasise about the beach
And all day inside this body I hear voices from within
And I keep the door open to the twilight zone
I am self-obsessed, I am pure ego


Someday you'll realise I was the best you ever had.

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