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Stairs/I See Evil

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Lunch 6 (2007).

Jordan hides under the table
Cause Daddy's got something to do
Poor kid he don't know shit
What he's got himself into
While an empty chair
And a vacant stare
Are always there
To keep an eye on you

Mind games and shiny names
To fan the wounds
And lick the flames
Let's get your life
Back on the mend
Load up on books
And bring your friends
We'll get inside your head
And then we'll transcribe
Your confessions
Of course you're always
Welcome here
But you're not here
To ask questions

Feel it in the air
There's something hiding
In the stairs

Here's a man decked out in white
Lost at sea and out of sight
He hunches down the stairs
And down the street to an ATM
About five minutes later
Shuffles up the stairs again
And here's some fresher meat now
Frail and wearing faded pink
Escorted by two pretty drones
Who tell her what to think
Trail her nervous motions
To the same old ATM
She's got nowhere else to go
But up the stairs again

Don't do it, Come back down,
You want to cry
You don't need their bullshit
We're all waiting for you
I can't imagine what it's like
To be your parents
And watch you slide
I see evil
In those piles of books inside
I see evil
In the promises they hide
I see evil
The spectre he left in your eyes
I see evil
The grinning spectre in your eyes

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