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Silver Corolla

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Warringah Mall (2008).

Bungled robbery
Silver Corolla

Year 12 was wrapping up
We needed money fast
We wanted to catch up
With the rest of the class of 1985
And fuck some drunk chicks
Where nobody checks your ID
Where the vaginal secretions
Flow like Vodka Sky Midori
And we only had three
Hundred bucks between us
So we thought we'd just rob a shop

Bungled robbery
Silver Corolla

Jesus I was evil
Or maybe I was just young
In any case
I can't believe that I wasn't nervous at all
As we drove into the parking lot
Warringah's lovely parking lot
And everything was kind of grey
With motorcycle helmets on
Out the door and out the door
And out the door and out the door
We were flying, running, flying
Out the door and out the door

Bungled robbery
Silver Corolla

I'll never forget the look
On the Coles' employee faces
In fact I often see them
Right before I go to sleep
Scotty took his helmet off
To whack the security guard
And when he did
The camera got his face

Our getaway car was a silver Corolla
Registered to me
So it wasn't long before they tracked us down
They tracked us down

We had not planned it very well

Bungled robbery
Silver Corolla

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