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If You Were Different (Michael Sings To Chloe)

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Castle Towers (2008).

If you were different I think we would be the same
Just as if that I was different and we both had different names
What was I worried about, I can't remember anymore

If I was different I think this would be the same
Cause some things, they are unchangeable
And others just don't change
Even if, Even if

If we were different we'd still hold to this delight
Even if our shoes weren't proportional to our relative height
Even if you didn't speak English, I think we would survive
We'd lock eyes at an airport at some moment in our lives

Even if you weren't a lady, both of us were men
We would hide the sexual tension and at least be best of friends
And have one secret encounter we never spoke of again

If my chest developed and yours stayed flat
Well I'd make a nice girl anyway
You'd be a gorgeous man

If we were born years apart or born on the same night
I think we would still be lying here
Under my bedroom skylight.

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