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I Serve All Kindz

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Macquarie Centre (2008).

I work at Hungry Jacks
I serve all kinds of people

There's this one guy who comes in
And he gets kinda psychotic
And he argues with himself about what he's gonna order
And we have to stand there
We have to listen
The girls get kinda scared
So they pawn him off to me

And I stand there
Listening, waiting
As he's mumbling, jumbling
All the shit in his head
And I'm listening, waiting
And I'm wearing the hat
I'm wearing the hat

I serve all kinds
I wear the hat
Four seconds conversation
Give you your crap
I work at Hungry Jacks
I serve all kinds of people

Once I accidentally said
Welcome to McDonalds
The guy didn't notice
So I started doing it more
No one ever notices

When I'm out the back
I get the order for a burger
With two pickles
At least once a day
I run around to see what kind of freak orders two pickles
By the time I get there
He or she is always gone
He or she is always gone

Old people who can't remember what they ordered
Young people who can't pronounce what they ordered
Angry people for whom I am the day's frustration
Beautiful people who make beautiful brief conversation

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