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First Reprise

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Macquarie Centre (2008).

(Me and Chloe go way back
I will always love her
Her spirit dances cartwheels
Gets the right things
Out of life
And when I'm stressed
I close my eyes
She tells me to calm down
Even if she's not there
I see her anyway

Once I saw you holding hands
With your new boyfriend
As you walked past General Pants
He's just my friend, she giggled
Fluttered and she blushed
And disappeared into the movies

Chloe hates when
She's called cute
But cute is what she is
She's a natural bowl of sugar
She's as bright as orange skin
And there's a lot more to her
More than people realise
Waiting in the miscellanea
I know there's a
Special guy for her

I remember once
When Dad drove Chloe home
And she got out the car
I kissed her on her head
And she knew what I meant

I remember once I saw her
Her and Chloe and their friends
Run around in turtle shells
On Level 4)

Lonely lows and social highs
Gorgeous girls and pretty guys
We grew up here more
Than we might realise

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