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Calling Card (Duet)

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Castle Towers (2008).

And by the time I minimized
You were gone, I realised
And suddenly I felt quite alone
I saw your little window
Blinking orange, blinking hard
Blinking like the writing
On your little calling card

When I'm in the shower
I feel my wet and flattened chest
And I must admit I miss your tits
My dear

See, I'm not all that I appear
I don't miss you at all
But it's become the Arctic
In this blue-red sleeping roll
And as I try to go to sleep
I cannot disregard
That it's sad and it's inevitable
Your little calling card

And yes I must come clean
That I am not all that I seem
I have been you
I have seen both sides now

All these years I've kept you pacing
Shadows in my moods
You have just been in my basement
I have fed you through a tube
Captive of my floorboards
Peeking through a shattered shard
Waiting for the freedom
Of your little calling card

Yeah, you've just been in my belly
I have fed you in my womb
I've been pacing up and down
This crowded waiting room
Waiting for your breath on my ear
Stayin' round and standing guard
Waiting for your tiny hand
To leave your calling card

And one last thing I must confess
My soul has stood in front of mirrors
And tucked it in
To see how I'd look as you

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