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A Casual Thing

This song is by Art Rush and appears on the album Fresh Air/The Beach Boys Today Side 2 (2010).

What we have here
Is a casual thing

I've been with girls who clung to arms
And held my face to compensate for their own insecurities
She's been with guys who'd paste her name
On every face that they would see
And that's all right, that's all right
When you're fifteen

But ever since then, all I've ever wanted
Is someone who could love me without looking like my girl
Someone indistinguishable from my best friend
Love without trying, love without putting it on
And look who just stepped on my toes

Sometimes I get the feeling that there's something I have done wrong
That there's something to be done that I can't quite get my hands on
And when I realise I am wrong, I know...
It's then that I know, I am in love

You don't know my name yet
But soon you surely will
I have always been around you
Been your sense of self
I have been your conduit
To what truly makes sense to you
And you don't know my name yet
But very soon you will.

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