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What's Best And What's Easy

This song is by Art Of Fighting.

I should not wonder so many
Hushed shores and empty streets
With your memory
I should
I shouldn't do that
And I could wait forever
You're enough green lights off

Roll down old songs
I could've
I could've done that
And let these days fill themselves again
And let darkness come and then wait

And I should walk at night
And feel the wind come
From all across the city
And I should talk to somebody
How strange and half-promising
I know what's best for me now
And I now just what I should be doing
But all I forever here and
The green lights that wrote songs
I know what's best
What I should be doing
But there's best and then there's easy
So take your coat down and call you by it
Bury my face all in your clothes

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