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​The Phantom Masquerade

This song is by Art Of Change.

Can you see yourself right now?
Another pawn in this game
Another lie to sell you
Another Kiss to kill you

Oh The Sorrow Starts

Another Heartbreak baby, (Faster)
Your so Gone

There Could be Casualties

Hear the Sirens
Sound the End
The End of you
Now your Right
Right where he wants

See the blood flow
From your veins x2
Anywhere you go
Would be better than here

Your so blind

It's all x2
Goin' up in flames
When life takes a turn for worse
Oh, Giving up's so easy
Are you giving up?

Your Heartbreaks, (Now)
Now you see things move so fast
I'm All right
I'll Leave you with this kiss

As you blame yourself tonight for all of this

Final days on and on
Are you ready?
For this Night to End
Forgive me
For tonight x2
I'am Yours
Now and ever