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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

This song is by Arsonists Get All The Girls and appears on the album Hits From The Bow (2006).

Ripped and torn apart
I'll tear your insides out
With my decomposing mandibles
I move so slowly towards you moaning
Preparing for the feast that lies ahead of me

I can't taste or feel any pain but my jaws ache for your flesh
It smells so delightful
Your body will appease me, but I always search for more

I was just sitting here when you burst in, I saw my neighbor peeking on me
I hope he tells someone how you mutilated me
Unlikely, though I didn't see this much flow until black
Now that I'm over you can move on to the next house

Quenchless I shall remain, decay riddles this lifeless body
Nothing will stop me in my search for the freshest of human flesh
Your body's carcass shall remain on the blood soaked floor
Maggots lace this meal, a fresh set for this fetid king

Faceless in time, now I will join you, let's go devour the next victim
A neighbor I take it? I would not doubt it, but you knew I would frantically feast with you

My body thrashes in delight, your last words fall upon hollow caverns
A dying whim, to make it quick
Oh, how quickly I am to oblige
I divulge in your flesh as your skin is ripped off

Frantically feast on flesh and bone
By day we feast by night we will see
The blood fills my lifeless veins and renews my hunger
Still the world, the eternal buffet

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