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​Life Lessons

This song is by Arrah And The Ferns and appears on the album All The Bad In One Place (2010).

I'm so lonely I could die tonight
I know that's over stated and it's not lady behavior
But I'm tired
Tonight I need a man

I'm so restless I could leave it all behind
Sprout wings and hop an airplane or drive west and feel the air change
In my chest
As I breathe the open road

I should warn you of how I make off with my friends
I meet them at a bar and fall in love with who they are
And how they drink me underneath the ground

There's no telling how I'll feel another day
They read me as though crazy but it's probably that I'm lazy
And I've had too much time to waste

And I know it's hard to feel your own heart
Maybe it's best that I avoid the rest
'Cause it's hot
So hot

Well you're not the only man who drinks himself to sin
But you say it's understood that there is suffering in what's good
But you'd prefer to take it with care

I left you sleeping with a handle by your bed
It was the last time that I saw you and I swore I wouldn't call you
But I'm not the time and place to change

All right

What would you say if I ran away
Talk about the plan
Would you forget about me?

And I wish nothing but the very best for you my love
And all of your endeavors
I ...?... that are clever, oh whoa
Maybe we will meet again on one of foreign coast we'll then
Speak of her and legends and share ...?... life lessons that we've learned