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We Are Satellites

This song is by Arno Carstens and appears on the album The Hello Goodbye Boys (2005).

I must have mistaken
That only stars have gentle hearts
Behind bars there is only
Beautiful songs in the soul

In the distance the flickering
Where I have learnt to fight
And all along and all the while
We are satellites

Boys will be blessed with the new unrest
Fathers will collide with the earth once more
Girls will be screaming when the infant sings
There is much more to life than this cave we're in

Wisdom will be granted for those that know
That the rich and the poor lips quiver in fear
And all along and all the heart
We are sending out the message

I must have partaken
And I must have been fooled
But for whom it might concern
Life's illusions I have learnt

I must have mistaken
So many I have fooled
Above turns and on beyond
We are satellites

So much to learn from the cell we're in
Between these prison walls
Evolution I have learnt
We are satellites

Sending out the message

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