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Life Forever

This song is by Arno Carstens and appears on the album The Hello Goodbye Boys (2005).

Feels like life is forever
Inside your mind
Feels like life is forever
I'm inclined to decline

Nestles with my feathered friends
All for one, the youngest one
In the twilight of our youth
We knew we would fly someday

Travel to the western skies
Where rain would kiss the southern sand
Experience comes from deep inside
Rhythm of

Feels like life is forever
Inside your mind
And it felt like life was forever
I'm inclined to smile

Our time where the spring lovers stay
Where I was told to keep the warm
Warm winds blow
To the mystery of the perfect space
As we began our journey home
To the rhythm of

I'm finally home when you're near
Pretty skies a lonely tear
I look around and what I found
A face that promised me your mind

Our time to burn it
Our time to earn it
They suck the world dry
They made this whole world cry
Our time to earn it
Our time to learn it
It's over now to the rhythm of

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