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​Cold Summer Nights

This song is by Arnee And The Terminaters.

I keep on blamin' myself
I should've estem my pride
How can I convince you
Is it a matter of time
Many times I've hurt you
With my foolish ways, Oh boy
Now I know I have to pay the price

Is there a way for you to turn around
Turn around and come back baby
Ooh baby can't you see

It's been cold summer nights
Since we drifted apart
Cold summer nights
Since you walked out that door
Cold summer nights
Ooh, here on my own
I miss you boy and I need you here

Keep on blamin' myself
And now I;m hurtin' inside
Since the time you were gone
My life's never been the same
Many nights I have cried
You ain't there to ease my pain
Now I know I have paid my price

Repeat refrain and chorus
Repeat refrain