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I Fell In Love One Day

This song is by Arnaldo Baptista and appears on the album Singin' Alone (1982).

I fell in love one day
To a lady so cold
She had all the magic serpent, oh
I turned down the waterpot
Made a fool of myself
And, drab, I started swimming on my tears
I sought for the city lights
Dreamt of ships and souls
My time is running slow down
For all I have to say is "just good land"
I had a best friend, a wife, a house, a group
My time is running slow down
And all she has to say is 'sing your song, boy"
So show me the way
Give me your past
Take me to the best
We have a lot today, we have a lot to say
But I'm not waiting for you dead, honey love
When will I see you again
When will I feel th touch of your hand?
When will I see you again

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