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Blue Steel

This song is by Army of the Pharaohs and appears on the album Ritual of Battle (2007).

(Intro-Vinnie Paz/Jus Allah)

Motherfuckers is back,
Vinnie Paz,
Jus Allah,
Jedi Mind Tricks,
It ain't a game baby,
Motherfuckers is back,
Jedi Mind Motherfuckers,
Vinnie Paz, yo God Jus Allah,
What the deal, it ain't a game baby,

(Verse 1-Vinnie Paz)

I am not human flesh,
The waist line where the Ruger rest,
I'll take Jesus Christ and rob him of his Jewishness,
There's nothing anything or anyone can do to test,
I live inside a jungle all I need is fruit that's fresh,
Can't nobody find me I define elusiveness,
I'm in the darkness in the dungeon where Medusa's kept,
I'll aim the shotty at your body,
Shoot it through your chest,
Then I'll take a second to remind you of your gruesome death,
It ain't a question I don't have to prove I'm best,
I been rhymin' since the fuckin' prime of Ricky Ruben's best,
I wouldn't come against the Army, that's a losin' bet,
Throw your motherfuckin body off the roof and jet,
I throw a left hook there ain't a fuckin' tooth that's left,
Your body bloodier and holier than Buddha's breath,
I ain't fuckin' around with y'all I'm like a dude possessed,
We rockin' crowds from Philadelphia to Bucharest,
It's World War and for me the German Luger's best,
I like the way it kick back and what it do to flesh,
And yo, Jus Allah,
Let 'em know why you the best,
This is closure, verse is over,
'Cause you is next.

(Verse 2-Jus Allah)

Before you come to bed,
Shut the light, turn the shrunken head,
Soon enough you'll adjust,
Learn to love the dead,
The color red, bloodshed,
Stuff you dread (?) cut the thread,
Watch your head will (?) be tough to tread,
I am unkept, unread, under-fed,
Unsung, unaccredited, unsaid, unedited,
Defective, unaccepted,
Don't expect to see the motherfuckin' unexpected,
May as well pave yourself the way to Hell,
The spell, pace yourself, re-arrange yourself,
May you live to say the story made to tell,
Make your faith and prayer great enough to break the spell,
I'm obsessed with watching deaths,
Rotting flesh,
I'm refreshed by the process, convaless,
Kill the cross-wearers,
Kill their pall-bearers,
Being soft on terror makes coffin sharers,
Snuffed a dead man's odor, I ran over,
Like a cat, at the sound of a can opener,
Put you in the land push a pile of sand over,
Give your family no closure,
Show's over!

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