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Summer Skills

This song is by Arms and appears on the album Summer Skills (2011).

Let the days lose their aim and lift
Let the signal and the seasons drift
There's a feeling, you forgot you missed
But kept as a gift
We've been clinging to our common sense
Refrigerators full of condiments
The 'have you ever's, the 'never against'
The forming of plans
There'll be time, too
Believing in lies until they're true
Therll be time, too
To cover your eyes
You're a bull in a china shop
I'm a chicken with its head cut off
Spinning bottles and spoiling the pot
Changing the plot
Tell a story full of fights and flights
'Bout the weather and the things that go bump in the night
You said it keeps you feeling safe inside
I hope that you're right
There'll be time, too
To keep it alive, till day is through
There'll be time, too
For summers inside
There'll be time, too
For missing our trains and catching colds
This will pass, too
And you're better alone
This will always be so

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