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Heat & Hot Water

This song is by Arms and appears on the album Summer Skills (2011).

Dark never came, and we spoke in the sand 'til we ran out of things to say
Oh no, when they served you on a plate
They were frowning and bowing their heads like birds of prey
Oh no, I was taking my time while the stars aligned
You were holding my hand like a bottle
'Til it tingled right down to the tips and then it shattered our bones!

Are you at peace when you're feeding the beast?
Wherever we go, in the darkness
Solemn and content to die alone
But other people, in the darkness
Cower in their beds and dine alone

Ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ooh ooh!

Nightly attacks; rip the meat from your back
When we're sleeping warm and close.
Oh no, and you're feeding it your ideas
Even though it doesn't like the taste
'Cause they burn, and it grows
While you're waiting outside on your sister's roof
For the light to stream out of the garden
I'll be lying face down in an empty pool
As the rain falls hot on the bottom
And we're wasting our time, if you can't be kind
And I'll take the flashlight down to the basement, and it'll swallow me whole!

Blood on your face, you were born for the chase
Wherever we go, in the darkness
Counting sins and taking things as signs
Wherever we go, in the darkness
Growing fins and breaking limbs in time
Wherever we go, in the darkness
Nothing's gonna ease your worried mind

Ah ah, ah ah, ah ah, ooh ooh!

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