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Glass Harmonica

This song is by Arms and appears on the album Summer Skills (2011).

In the cold light of dawn
Awoke in an empty room
When everything found was lost
Like a loose tooth, like a teaspoon
Someone stole all the clocks
Now we can't tell the time
I noticed you staring up
At the night sky, at the night
But all I see is strange
As night dissolves into day
And the curtain falls
On the primal scene
And all you feel is breath
Playing scales on your neck
For a crooked song
In a minor key
Wait at the winter's edge
Where we'll meet again
And we'll see our old lies come true
Fingers on fragile tines
Till we lose our minds
And you break the bonds that keep you in line
Someone excites your nerves
Defuses your every mines
Someone's been throwing rocks
At the beehive, at the beehive
Someone tampered with our brakes
Someone glued up the locks
We were weaving in and out of lanes
Coming full stop
On the blacktop
When the pressure dropped
Someone broke all the beds
Now we don't need to rest
Our glowing bodies never sleep
And we can't leave this mess
And all we do is stand
With buried heads in the sand
'Cause the day is long, and the light recedes
And all I ask is please
Be strong and right, Emily
And I'll play along, long as you need
Wait at the winter's edge
And you'll understand
There's a freezing soul who needs you
Sing me a slow sad song
Till my hearing's gone
And you break the ties that lead you
Screaming I had no choice
Till I lose my voice
And the sound of thunder bleeds through the noise

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