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This song is by Arms and appears on the album Summer Skills (2011).

The way that you run, the way that you glide
Over the powder blue of the mountainside
And we were suddenly alarmed by the ravenous and charging
And we ducked down deep where the wind blew sweet and calm

Heyaaaaaahhhooh heyaaaaaahhhooh

The killing blue: it'll burn your little eyes out
And you wait in the car with the windows closed and your clothing soaked
You were thinking of a plan to steal another vehicle
Haven't you had enough of acting so tough and all

Heyaaaaaahhhooh heyaaaaaahhhooh

(Four arms surround you)
(Distant lights and frozen fields)

Well we can't go on when the whistle blows
And we're talking in hysterical tones
You're a golden goose full of terrible truths
Why won't everyone leave you alone?

Now they're calling to you from across the abyss
And they moan and they hiss and they scream
Now they've broken the chains
Like the hounds in all of our dreams

Heyaaaaaahhhooh heyaaaaaahhhooh

(And we can't avoid the things we love)
(Distant lights and frozen fields)

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