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This song is by Arms and appears on the album Summer Skills (2011).

The sound of fingers
Scratching slow behind the wall
You tried to hold me closer so
I wouldn't heed the call
They're on our doorstep
Peaking grinning through the blinds
We'll never wear our skeletons right
We kept our closets locked and tight
Any day now
With the flame of the sun in the south
We'll take our paces, have it out
The lives of others
With their short hairs entwined
They keep our eyes a-cornered with crows
They make the sirens sing and sigh
Any day now
We'll comb our grey hairs aside
We're nervous kids who twitch in time
We're phantom limbs that itch at night
Any day now
When the weight comes a tumbling down
We'll skin our knees and beat the ground
Sing it so soft
Clutching hope like a corner of cloth
And now I know your peaks and troughs
And the stains that'll never come off
Just leave it alone
You'll never save a sailing soul
Such a long face
With a pull like a body in space
The pieces falling into place
Then it came down
With a low, undeniable sound
We'll go down easy, paint the town
We deserve everything that we found

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