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Enily Sue, Cont'd

This song is by Arms and appears on the album Summer Skills (2011).

White pine, the moon is so high
You see where you're going with your eyes closed
Wild-eyed, growl and smoke
Return every question in the same tone
There's a state line, out in those pines
Buried in frozen ground, we've chosen our sides
Now we can't turn it around

Chain Emily to the stake
Her family's worried, she's terribly late
A haze rolling across the lake
If we go, who's to know, dead by morning if we stay

A burnt tongue, the paper unfolds
Slipping it through another keyhole
Slim hope of fireproof rope
Kerosene off of your sweet nose
It's a steak knife into my thigh
Watching you flicker in real time, call your own kind
Now we can't turn it around

Fates, give a warm soul a break
Just give me a life where you're nothing but mine
And that's how it will stay
But hey, I've never been so afraid
With this cold in my bones
And a child engulfed in flame

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