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This song is by Arktika and appears on the album Symmetry (2012).

We've been preaching the same old things over and over again
We are trapped in that same old routine where no one is listening
We will become a memory

Not knowing what the future holds we stare into the past
With held-back tears and burning throats
These caskets are our future homes
And these graveyards are our fate as we seek life in a dying town
Every day passing by is just another day that we manage to survive
Our bodies fade away from bright to grey and nothing will remain
Everything stays the same

These lovesongs are our eulogies and those empty beds our tombs and we
Sleep in sheets of broken glass and call a grave a home
We call these graves our homes
And how long must we wait to feel alive once in our lives in this city of ghosts

We are tattered and torn and nothing will remain
We are broken and torn and everything stays the same

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