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​Broken Flowers

This song is by Arktika and appears on the album Symmetry (2012).

There are battles to be won and they rage within our hearts
They crash in like waves as we try to keep our heads high
They form us and break us and they surely leave their mark
And it's the decisions that we make that sometimes break a heart

That's when people you know turn into someone you knew
As we all strive for a better life, promises made by big city lights
And that's when we all have to recognize the obvious powers of honesty
And how disillusioning a normal life can be but it makes us come to terms
With who we really are and where we wanna be
We all need words to live by and someone who can make us feel alive

The stories our mothers told and the few things that we cannot hold
We cannot hold our breath long enough to die

I ran away from a city that died and ran away from a love run dry
And nothing has kept me there, my fate had been chosen
I wish I couldn't tell a lie, a heart so pure like a babies cry
Just one more look at my fathers eyes
I fill my empty heart with you

We don't choose death it chooses us
We don't look back, we take the ride
I don't need so much to stay alive
Just a bed, a room, and someone to kiss goodnight
These empty nights I cannot sleep
I fill my heart with you

Erase these chapters from your past
Sweet dreams die hard
Wipe away these bitter tears from my face
All our hopes die last

So take these splinters of my broken past from my trembling hands
'Cause we cannot hold our breath long enough to die