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Waterfront Fists

This song is by Arkham Witch and appears on the album On Crom's Mountain (2011).

A bloodthirsty lunge
A right wing swing
To the striped Cat Club
For Gloria Flynn

Smack 'em in the eye
Kick 'em in the head
Kill 'em till they're dead

Bloody handed bliss
What you think of this?
Give your pain a kiss

Waterfront fists!

Curly hair and violet eyes
Her Indian club, a hard surprise!

Red Roach makes his move
The pain is coming soon
Fifteen fathoms higher
A portside fist of fire!

Smack 'em in the fuckin' head
Kick 'em till they're fuckin' dead
Hit the fuckin' ref instead!

All three to the canvas fall
All for one and one for all
All of us are born to brawl!

The fourth round tearing in
Sledgehammer to the chin
Southpaw feinting right
Time to hit the lights!

I lost the girl, and the money too
A well thrown fist, my only truth

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