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The Lord Of R'lyeh

This song is by Arkham Witch and appears on the album On Crom's Mountain (2011).

The strangest rumblings, underground
That old crow Titus, he knows the sound
Three thousand miles, across the sea
Something stirring, the legions deep!

Cthulhu rises from his grave
The Lord of R'lyeh lives again
That not dead, eternal lie
And with strange eons, even death may die!

Once saw the horror, made from clay
And cherished madness, till this dark day
Now after a million, sleeping years
We all shall realise, our deepest fears

A shape immortal, a dreaming god
Tentacled horror, raise pseudopod
And I've the hail, dark rage unfurled
Servants of Chaos - to take the worlds!

A sunken city beneath the waves
A hungry horror - destruction craves
A Strange dimension, an outer dark
Ye gods of evil, this power hark

Upon the surface, Cthulhu rise
And once acknowledged, the fear dies
Through Arkham madness, and lunacy
In gibbous frenzy - we are free!

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