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Direct Dubit

This song is by Arkarna and appears on the album Fresh Meat (1997).

There's something that i just got to do,
I'm holding out for me and you,
Don't start stoppin' now,
Let it out,
Well I give you all that i've got to give,
From head to toe and in my fingertips,
I know i can find,
What you're looking for.

Calling out to you,
I'll be calling out

Well i knew it was too good to be true,
What's good for me is not much good to you,
Don't start stopping now,
We've come too far,
And i might just be a minute away,
But they only ever want me to stay,
If i keep on i will find what we're looking for

There's nothing you can tell me,
Coz i already know,
No ones gonna stop me now.

Calling out to you
I'll be calling out

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