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This song is by Arkangel and appears on the EP Prayers Upon Deaf Ears (1998).

Legions of demons advance
in the shadow of mankind,
Infernal hordes of chaos
wage war against earth,
Soldiers of doom poor
venom on the land.

Final shreds of nature swing on the brink
of abyss, while non human life agonizes.
Anthropocentrism is tainted by
the suffering of millions.

Admist inferno, I seek salvation
to bring an end to your mindless

United we conquier,
a wind of protest blows to enlighten
the blackness of ignorance.
When absolute evil forms,
I raise an avenging sword and
strike the beast straight into his heart.

To preserve innocence,
to protect the defenseless,
I am striving for an all encompassing
golden age.
Where justice and compassion prevail.
In reaction to decadence emerges a shining order,
one that ensures freedom not

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