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This song is by Arjen Anthony Lucassen and appears on the album Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy (1993).

Nobody knew the future was ours to hold
Seer of visions, or teller of lies?
What could he do when destiny was foretold
You could see the anguish in his eyes
Get down crescendo

Haunted by fear and dreaming of things to come
A computer-age, and nuclear wars
Shadows appear but where are they comin' from?
And he can't make them go away
Get down crescendo

Nobody cared they treated him like a fool
Whenever he spoke, people turned away
Then they got scared what if it would be true?
The bringer of evil had to die
Get down crescendo

He knew it was time he stood on the brink of fame
His powers were growing, his message would be shared
Killed in his prime nobody knew his name
His life, a crescendo that never peaked
He will always be known as

Poor crescendo capture the rainbow
Embrace the colours, and gather the sunbeams
Poor crescendo let your tears flow
Come sail away, on an ocean of dreams

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