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Bloody! (Bagonia's)

This song is by Ariel Pink and appears on the album Worn Copy (2005).

Bloody bagonias, ooh! Bloody-bloody-bloody bagonias
(Purple bloody) I'm satanic!
(Message in it) Subliminal messages
(Wooly bully, oh-oh) This thing has no right to commit suicide!
Hey! Go kill somebody, oh and another (?)
(Need love to feel, feel) Go kill somebody!
Commit suicide, die, all over
Die! Bloody commit (bloody, bloody, bloody bloody bloody)
Bloody, bloody, subliminal messages
Do what I say! (I got a lot to do, I got a lot to do
Tonight at home) Life, die! Pah! Pah! PAH! Ouch...
Hurt your wrist, bloody, bloody wrists
Have a Bloody Mary, bloody

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