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This song is by Arida Vortex and appears on the album Hail To Rock (2014).

Made a hinderer thousand miles around the planet
Always lost what had just found
Wrote some tunes and sometimes lyrics to forget it
Left a million doors behind

So many sweet illusions
And dreams which won't bring pain
All gone like teardrops in the rain

Burned all bridges, strange and lonely
Never know where I would stay
I could give my word but only
Moonlight sees my way

What I did sometimes makes me feel like screaming
All these scars could give some faith
In the end each sacrifice must have its reasons
Naïve tricks to cheat the fate

No more cheap words to give and
No more eternal claims
Don't want it all replayed again

All will pass like joy and sadness
Milled by wheels of nights and days
There's one thing that keeps me standing:
Moonlight guides my way

All will pass like joy and sadness...

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