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Hail To Rock

This song is by Arida Vortex and appears on the album Hail To Rock (2014).

It's a savage barbaric dance
In the middle of the wild
A rebel song in the wind of hope
We are used to playing with fire
Walking on the edge
We're here to challenge your imposter popes

Rhythm of music to keep us alive
Let's keep on rocking all our life!

Hail to rock!
Raise your fire
Up to the sunset skies!
Hail to rock!
Flames get higher
Reflected in our eyes

And we watch how the years go by
At the speed of light
But we're still here, we're still the same
Let them writhe and let them shout
That our time is out
We are the guardians keeping the flame

Somebody said that rock is dead!
But the guitar still playing come on!
Bang your head!

Hail to rock!
Take your fire
Up to the skies and back!
Hail to rock!
Flames get higher
We're ready for metal attack!

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