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Flesh And Blood

This song is by Arida Vortex and appears on the album Hail To Rock (2014).

You! Who do you think you are?
You're just a pathetic foolish little clown!
And your world of stupid dreams
The only thing that you've already done!

World, you tried so hard to build
Is no more than just castles made of sand
You, you thought you'll be the king
And now you seek the strength to meet the end!

You thought you're a lucky one
Who's born to win forever
But road to nowhere is the only prize you won!

What is your soul when before mighty gods
It's only a stake in the game
But each little part of your flesh and blood
Screams - you're a man, not a slave!

You always said
Keep trying hard - the prize will find you
But no one told you that you're racing
In the ring

What is your soul when before mighty gods...

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