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All Will Wait

This song is by Arid and appears on the album Little Things Of Venom (1999).

We wait for love to come
We'll all go down
We'll take our turns
We walk across
A new born world

All will wait for us
All will wait for us

I sail along your shore
I broke you then
I'll break some more

All will wait for us
All will wait for us

The ship is turning over now
We're trying to hold it up
Just one more time tonight
I Feel all right
Been turning on that very point
You ought to stay, anyway
Don't you wanna bring holy love today
Don't you wanna pray

Oh no yeah, all gunned down
Hold your tears
And don't you break my very own life
Hate, pulling me down
You will walk, you will walk

Hot tears coming down hard
The pain inside don't you hate
Cause I know
We just walk, we just walk

All will wait for us
All will wait for us

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