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Sweet Jade

This song is by Ari Hest.

Sweet Jade, sweeter than the moon's retard
Circling round my heart, sending me away
With an open mind, and a smile so wide
I am petrified in the pale moonlight
Attracted as I am to you
And as easy as it would be to taste you again
Something tells me I better shut my mouth
And move onward towards wherever I can

With my head untied and my eyes open wide
I am content with the love I'm fed
But what I don't get is that some other part of me
Wishes I were with you instead

Oh Sweet Jade, sweeter than the moon's retard
Ain't it wild to be, in this world within me?
The way you ease me down, wipe away my deepest fears
Whenever you are near everything becomes so clear
And as you wisk on through my blood
Sending shivers in swooms and in floods
Do you ever get a little tired, just a little tired
Of controlling me

How I love you
I love you so
I love you so, I do

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