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​Liberty Bell

This song is by Ari Herstand and appears on the album Baby Eyes (2005).

November the 3rd, 2004
I boarded the bus and sat right by the door
An interesting scene almost brought me to tears
Every seat was taken, but silent with fear
Not a soul spoke a single word to a friend
The whole bus feared the world's nearing end
Every bag displayed the candidate with hope
And every bag screamed "This country's a joke!"
And every eye glazed and hazed with confusion
No, depression and regression from the recent illusion
We thought our vote had made the change
We felt our heart break - four more years of the same

Hope is on the way
Our anthem for months
Hope is on the way
That ship has sunk

Their motto is compassion
Compassion for whom?
Men of money, men of faith?
Well not me I'm a Jew
When they say faith they mean belief in Jesus Christ
When they say support it's for the ones just like them:
The rich, the heteros, the white
Forget the aliens - fuckin' terrorists
Tell me who's right
That doesn't sound like compassion
Compassion means love
Loving the ones who might be different, look right here not above

Don't disregard the hundreds dead
A conniving mistake? No a lie - it's not his head
Close your eyes when revolts silence life
Cover your ears when the fears of our soldiers scream "why?!"
We hated Mr. Bill for his false statement - it killed how many?
Those fools they framed it
But now our G Dub, thanks to him we must hide
Our face from the world, he murdered our ties
Scream "USA" and shout "Hip fuckin' hurray"
If in this land you want our children to play
With four more years of self-centered arrogant hell
Kiss away our progressive hopes and cut down that liberty bell

We're gonna bring justice to the man who killed the dream
We're gonna bring justice to the man who's making us scream