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​Bond Between Lovers

This song is by Ari Herstand and appears on the album Baby Eyes (2005).

Oh what's wrong with the picture
I have painted another figure
This has always signaled me to push away
I think I'm ready to defeat
My past formalistic, mundane, inexplicit ideologies

It's time, my dear, to let go and lose all inhibitions
I'm ready, my dear, to return to that bond between two lovers
And take a chance with you

I've evaluated the tradeoffs
And decided that I get off
More to the thought than the action of finding the one
But after three years and then some
I'm going to be through with the night fun
And find the perfect someone who I can kiss goodnight

Oh my dear
Please come near

I'm involved with a someone
Who knows if there will be another one
I'm going to now just relax and live a while
But wait just one more minute
I forgot to check the painting
It tells me if the waiting has come to an end