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​Baby Eyes

This song is by Ari Herstand and appears on the album Baby Eyes (2005).

I once lied down to sleep, woke up eight years had passed me by
I closed my eyes before I learned the proper way to cry
Stood up 6 feet I felt too tall, my head bumped into the sky
I sat back down, looked up at life like I did through baby eyes

An eight year dream a rapid stream that would carry me to fate
Forgot the shore now I'm aboard the ship to break the wake
Put up my sail and I grabbed the rail - I left the anchor back at home
The home I knew before I blew away my baby eyes

The day before I ignored the storm clouds in the sky
I walked along the stream of dreams that would make me come alive
But the rain came down and destroyed the stream I thought I'd never dream again
It swept me up and took me far away from my baby eyes

Five years ago I told myself "don't you be blind
If older eyes can lead you closer what's the crime?"
Closer to the place I swore I'd one day find myself
But one thing I'll always hold
One thing I'll never let go...

Today I pulled out photographs that I had locked away
I thought I lost the key way back in the home next to Whitefish Bay
But everyone knows all locks will break if the right force is applied
And the beating of my heart bust through the lock I held inside

...These baby eyes