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​A Smile (I Can't Remember)

This song is by Ari Herstand and appears on the album Baby Eyes (2005).

A girl walks mother by her side
An ice cream cone and four years on her own
Reminisce the nightly gifts and the musical riffs
From holiday rhymes to the New York Times
Simple toys have their simple joys
There's happiness in the simple little gifts
Piece together one remaining smile
It's free for just this while

A picket fence 'round a luminescent dream
Look at me and my fancy little scene
Porsche away a rainy day with an extra little pay
Mend the time with a line from a formulated script
Feel the breeze without please, there's no treasure in the whether
Where's my smile?! Yes it's been a while
Please come out and skip away to the blithe encompassed day

I can't remember my plans from yesterday
I can't remember why I walked outside today
The darkening clouds and the piercing sounds
There's a smile within the gray
The smiling town and the sunset's found
I'll find somewhere to play here

It's a complicated smile when there's so much to hide
A toothless perk is so much work
Hide away frustrate undefined underlined
The grin of sin never wins
Look around I have found the perfect smile to make my trial
It's a gift to be simple it's a gift to be free
When I grin at the smile I can truly see
There's so much behind the teeth let them glow they will show
There's no pain when we're the same
Yeah it's ok fake the day

I came out of this bubble blessed shell
To find glory and pride were an inadvertent hell
Preach the words of the profit from the holy book
Well, books ain't my thing but I still like to look
It's a game when I aim for that infinite bliss
But you play in my way and I don't think I'll miss
When you stand in my light and eclipse my favorite site
Of the smiles and trials mango lassi delight!