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Leave Me Alone

This song is by Argyle Park and appears on the album Misguided (1995).

Push shove you're always in my face
You've never shown me love
I've never felt your grace, understand!


You have enough problems of your own
Don't try to make them mine
I'm human just like you
With my own existence to define

This one is mine
Burned by your kind too many times
And I am dry

I've seen the scars
Your life can do
I've know the damage
I am the damage

'It's healthy for you to express your anger.'

'I don't know how all this started'

'Wait for him but don't do this!'

'I don't know how all this started but in my religion,
when something happens that makes the world go to a
better place then it was before,
and I know that God had something to do with it.
I don't ask him questions. In my religion too Mr Harris.'

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